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What is an agent?

How do they help with Medicare choices?

Licensed agents or brokers help streamline options based on your health goals and budget, facilitating enrollment in the chosen plan. They can also assist in changing plans if needed, ensuring coverage meets evolving needs.

How are they compensated?

Agents and brokers are typically paid by commission from insurance companies. This payment structure does not directly cost you anything, as their service is free.

How to find an agent or broker?

Understanding Medicare options can be daunting, whether you're considering Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, or Medicare Advantage plans. Fortunately, the internet provides a wealth of information to start your journey. Additionally, seeking advice from friends, family, or community resources can offer valuable insights. For personalized guidance, consulting a licensed insurance agent is beneficial.

An insurance agent is a licensed professional who assists in selecting and enrolling in health plans. There are two types:

Independent: These agents are licensed to sell policies from various insurance companies, offering a wide range of options. Captive: These agents can only sell policies from one insurance company. What is a broker?

Similar to independent agents, a Medicare licensed insurance broker sells plans from multiple insurance companies.

You can locate Medicare licensed agents or brokers through online search tools provided by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services or your state insurance department's website. You can find Evansville, IN Independent Health Insurance Agents.

Why work with an agent or broker?

While not obligatory, working with them offers several advantages:

Navigating Medicare Plans: Agents provide expertise in navigating the complexities of Medicare plans, ensuring you find the most suitable option. Access to Multiple Companies: Independent agents offer choices from various insurers, increasing the likelihood of finding a plan tailored to your needs. Medical Underwriting: Agents can help assess your eligibility and navigate medical underwriting processes for Medicare Supplement Insurance policies. What type to choose? Aines Carter & Associates is one such option.

Independent agents offer diverse options but may lack in-depth knowledge of specific plans. Captive agents specialize in plans from a single insurer, providing detailed insights into their offerings.

Considerations when choosing an agent or broker:

Licensure: Ensure they are licensed by checking with your state insurance department. Experience: Opt for agents with experience in selling Medicare plans in your state, and seek referrals for assurance. 

Customer Service: Choose agents with a reputation for excellent customer service, verified through references from previous clients. Navigating Medicare options is complex, but with the guidance of licensed agents or brokers, you can make informed decisions tailored to your needs.

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